M/s.Majestic Unicorns' Corporate Commercial Lease Consulting Company, Nurtured with the Vast Experience of More than a Decade in Sales & Marketing of Various Industries like

  • Event Management,
  • Auto Loans,
  • Telecommunication,
  • Printing,
  • Online Space Selling,
  • Real Estate & Wind Energy Lease Etc.

Team Majestic Unicorns' is well Experienced in Delighting the Clients' and Landlords' on all aspects like

  • Options,
  • Liaisoning,
  • Legal Verification,
  • Documentation & Finalization.

To the Landlords':

  • Effective Visualization of a Property to become a Landmark in the Vicinity.
  • Exclusivity Mandate Option in Marketing the Property within a Specific Span of Time.
  • Organizing Visits to the Clients' Model Operation of Occupied Premises.
  • Superseding the Expectations on the Client Profile and Commercials.

To the Clients':

  • Understanding the Actual Requirement with the View, as if of a Company Staff.
  • Advising the Right Choice of Option, Even, if attracted by a Superlative Option.
  • Taking Ownership in Confirming the Etiquette Perfection on the Modification Works.
  • Routine Updates on the Upgradation Activities.
  • Our Extreme Dedication, had many times led us to handle a Client Exclusively, however big the Company Is.
  • We take Complete Responsibility in the Entire Relocating Transaction by Supporting both 'LESSOR' & 'LESSEE' till the time of Inauguration of the New Premises.

To the Team:

  • Opportunity to become an Entrepreneur is within Our Hands.

Strength & Advice:

  • More We Meet ~ More We Sell.
  • A Little Progress Every Day.
  • Be Promising Politeness & Patience.
  • Creating a Win~Win Situation.
  • Do not leave any Stones Unturned.
  • Entrepreneurial Responsibilities.
  • Followups in Periodical Intervals Even for Years.

M/s.Majestic Unicorns' is Committed to Bridge Every Transaction on all the Spheres, so as to confirm, Mostly the Delightment than Satisfied/Convincing Stage.